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Holistic "reflective" science

"Holistic Science" is intended to outline a science that is completely dedicated to the subject of the researcher: human beings with all the strengths and weaknesses into account, recognize this and attempt to compensate for the optimal environment variables to determine and implement, to achieve the highest possible performance, based on science.

Basically, it should be recognized as logical, that the power of science depends on the efficiency of its members. This is, however, not be achieved by pressure, sidedness or limitations of person, but by an optimal promotion of individual personality and the variables that condition this.

Here, for simplicity, the personality should be distinguished in the areas of body, soul and spirit. A healthy, perfectly in his personality tared individual will seek to fill all fields alike. A science that sets only on intellectual skills (read: spirit), takes an insufficient use of the individual possibilities. Ergo also the science is not as efficient as it could be in theory.

The psychic abilities include compassion, ethical orientation (as well as the avoidance of animal testing) and thus positive motivation in the effect of channeling the intellectual capacity to sense and social practicality.
There is already a term which implies similar: "Contemplative science". He is e.g. used of researchers from the "contemplative neuroscience". It refers to meditation in science. As an attitude of spirit as well as an accompanying exercise. However, in a philosophical term here is meditation the "explanandum": Here research on meditation occurs as an object: the effects of it on brain, behavior and other areas of life of human being.

In essence however I am concerned with a reconstruction of science toward an understanding and considering of the nature of man. To apply for a conversion of sciences: the inflow of meditative insights and metacognitions in the scientific process of realization itself. Meditation as "explanans". The consideration of the (inevitable) individual subjective influence in the research. since the considering of meta-positions as many as possible brings the maximum of approximation to a real objective science with it, here I see the long-term direction and future of all research. In other words: the optimal promotion and strengthening of the individual in all areas of personality is first the precondition for optimal performance in research.

With even other words: the current science is despite all of her success a "braked" science. The optimal performance is still pending. Under holistic aspect it will just slowed down, channeled, or focused by requirements of the ethics and mindfulness of life.

A good example from the past is the process of replacing the geocentric by the heliocentric world view (Galileo). for the normal science, it certainly was associated with significant personal adaptation performance of each member, because the former meets the human tendency to egocentricity and certainly has taken a generation. From a holistic science in here intended meaning it would be expected a reaction in a very short time: on the recognition of the power of logic in opposite to personally egocentric persistence.

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